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Car A/C Repair in Council Bluffs, IA

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You rely on your vehicle’s air conditioning system to keep you cool throughout the year. Whether it’s a hot summer or an abnormally warm winter, the A/C is what helps you navigate the roads comfortably. At Mad Hatter Muffler & Brakes, we want to make sure your car is always staying cool and comfortable for you. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and service advisors work in tandem to bring the best version of your A/C system. They take the time to provide and perform a custom service list that can quickly restore the system to its original performance. See why we’re the go-to A/C service professionals in Council Bluffs, Iowa!

We’re Ready to Help!

For all your A/C repair and maintenance needs, make sure Mad Hatter Muffler & Brakes is there to help you. Our shop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, offers a comprehensive list of services that are sure to bring the best out of your car’s climate-controlling system. Our ASE Master Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art tools, parts, and service techniques for every service, so you never have to worry about low-quality care compromising your vehicle’s A/C. Schedule your service appointment by giving us a call at 712-322-7500 or by visiting our shop on 3338 W. Broadway. We’re right by Rue and Franklin Elementary Schools!

Does Your A/C Need Service?

Have you noticed a lack of air coming from the vents? Do you feel like the air is cool, but not ice-cold? You’re likely dealing with an A/C system issue. Although you’ll need professional help to identify and fix the problem, it is useful to gain an understanding of what might have caused it. Here are just a few reasons why your car’s air conditioning system may be malfunctioning:

Leaking Refrigerant

A common issue that many vehicle owners experience, leaking refrigerant may be a cause for your lack of cold air. Refrigerant is used to help cool the air entering your vehicle, and a lack of it can cause the cold air to feel a little warmer. If you want to look for the source of the leak, check for an oily substance accumulation. If you see an area within your vehicle that has that, that’s likely where the hole is.

Bad Compressor

The compressor can be considered to be the most important component in your vehicle’s A/C system. This component helps circulate the refrigerant and “compresses” the air entering your vehicle, creating the cold air you feel. The best way to prevent compressor failure? Continue to use it. A lot of compressors fail when they go through long periods without usage. Once every three weeks, do your best to run A/C for 15 minutes to maintain its performance.